The 11 Forgotten Laws: Going Beyond the Law of Attraction

Creating Unbreakable Attraction Resorting to 11 Forgotten Laws


When a viewer comes across the high recommendations about "The 11 Forgotten Laws" by Bob Proctor viewing the website or any review site, he or she must be wondering as to what made the product such hot spot for the reviewers. Reason is that those who are recommending it have reaped the benefits by taking their business to an altogether different level by following the principles laid down in the eBook.

Backdrop Against Which the Laws were Remembered

But what made Bob remember and revamp the "11 forgotten laws" after all? Some of the most potent reasons were –

  • The world is yet to recover fully from the global recession that hit it sometimes back and whatever recovery is taking place is not fast enough.
  • While the movie "The Secret" offered great deals of hopes, it all ended up in smoke in the blank sky.
  • Three steps that were highlighted in "The Secret" were faithfully followed by many people without any positive outcome.

Current Scenario

Bob draws a vivid picture of the current financial scenario. According to him the system has completely collapsed with more banks collapsing everyday while the Federal authorities are running around like headless chickens. Unfortunately, it is the common man who is paying the price. CNN reports on the financial situation in America showed that eight out of every ten Americans are stressed by all these occurrences and the current year has seen loss of no less than 760,000 jobs. With inflation soaring and the 401 K plan going up in pure smokes, the question in the mind of most people is whether the "Law of Attraction" is hype?

Failure of Law of Attraction

Bob goes to some length in pointing out the reasons why the Law of attraction is not working for aspirants. He claims that –

  • The movie based on the law of attraction is simply flop stuff.
  • Law of attraction that people get today are weighted down version of the original thing, thanks to the over emphasizing of commercial elements by the movie industry and to some extent, the media.
  • Law of attraction has been there even centuries ago and in its most primal form it is never a reason for failure of anyone.

Secret to Explode Full Powers of Law of Attraction and 11 Forgotten Laws

Thorough research and experimentation lead Bob to the ultimate truth as he believes and to the secret to explode full powers of the law of attraction with "11 forgotten laws". In addition; Bob claims that reviving these forgotten laws are guaranteed way of getting solution to most pressing problems in the life of anyone.

Finding His Ways

Bob found his ways the hard way by extensive studies and research works. However, he also warns every one that all the materials written on the Law of attraction do not belong to same class. After all; getting half truths about anything won't help much. It would only be a big wastage of time, money, and energies.

Ultimate Truth

Ultimate truth for Bob is that Law of Attraction need not be shelved but should be used in the proper perspective to get the best out of it. And that leads one to the other eleven additional laws without observing which the Law of Attraction will never work perfectly.

Some of the additional laws like the law of forgiveness and law of increase are really great and according to Bob they can provide the shortest routes to one's contented life. And With 100% money back guarantee it is not a bad bargain either.

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