For Women Only! How To Get Your Guy Back Even When It Seems Hopeless.

A step-by-step plan to effortlessly magnetize him back into your life


How Do I Get Him Back Ebook CoverDid I say something wrong? What did I do to upset him? Maybe there’s some problem. Let me talk! No wait, Stop! Have you really understood what the root of this problem is? Why is he not replying to any of your calls, mails or letters? Have you been focusing a bit too much on the possible reasons of him not responding? The answer is simple. He is just not interested anymore. What? Yes, he possibly did not “feel” the way you did for him. Don’t lose heart. There are ways you can win his attention and love but it is important that you understand him and his thoughts before trying anything new. Bob Grant - a licensed professional counselor, has summated his 16 years of experience on dating and romantic relationships in his e-book titled “HOW DO I GET HIM BACK?”.

This is an e-book that does more than simply talk about relationships. It is a guide to a man’s mind, from a man’s perspective, to the mistakes that we women make while trying to understand men and their behavior; a must-have for any woman who has trouble figuring out what went wrong in a man-woman relationship.

Men are born to love and leave. That is the way this world goes. We women are left believing in this every time men stop responding the way we want them to. Not only does this lower our self-esteem, also does it force us to take steps that only make the situations get out of hand, often to end forever. It does not have to be this way. We as women have an innate power to attract any man with our charm and grace. But only when we do this in an organized way after having understood men’s psychology well enough to predict their possible reactions. Whenever men begins pulling away, we lose our calm and start trying frantically to get their interest back either with our own limited understanding of men or with the tips and advice we get or read from women’s magazines, books or after talking to other women. Have you really understood why these seldom work? Only because the advice you received from any of these options was for women by women.

We almost always hesitate to take professional help even when we know that they are relationship experts with caliber and knowledge required for rebuilding relationships, only to save some money. Bob Grant, in his priceless yet inexpensive e-book titled “How Do I Get Him Back”, speaks a man’s mind and his thoughts when he’s in a romantic relationship.

THE BOOK covers a large range of topics such as the secret potion to reach a man’s heart; words you can say to have him loving you for a lifetime; most common mistakes that we make in ruining a relationship; how to become irresistible to a man without coming across as pushy or brazen; how to carve his opinion about the loving you; how much should you give-in to a man’s expectations and how much is too much. Indeed it helped get me a hold over myself while attempting to rekindle romance in my marriage. No matter what your age, your situation, this e-book has just the right advice that will help you win back the love of your life, the right-man you’ve always dreamt of. No price is too much for the one you love.

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