Showing Your Affection With Touch In a Relationships

Touching, Snuggling and Petting In Relationships


Young couple lying in bedShowing affection in a new relationship can be one of the most rewarding and fun parts of getting to know each other. There are so many different types of being affectionate, that go from comfort to intimacy. Here are just a few.

A new relationship, a new start. A new person to get to know, and to find their affection likes and dislikes. It can be loads of fun to experiment and explore which types of touch works for you as a couple. Your affection choices can depend on the stage of the relationship, the atmosphere of the date or the connection you have. Here are some ideas for showing affection:

Cuddling and Snuggling: Although it's one of the more 'innocent' types of affection, it can easily also become one of the most intimate. It includes holding, spooning and whispering sweet nothings while sharing body heat. Many couples also use this type of touch to massage shoulders and backs or hold hands. You can use cuddling and snuggling for some quiet get-to-know-you or to open up communication about something you need to talk to your partner about. Since it's so relaxing, they're more open.

Smooching and Necking: Also known as making out, this is kissing. And then more kissing. And deeper kissing. Typically it begins with smooching (closed-mouth kisses) and moves towards french kissing. Necking is kissing not only the lips, but the face, the neck and the hands. The connection is based on the sensation of a slow-build to more passion.

Petting, Fondling and Touching: Sometimes considered the next steps after the cuddles and smooches, petting and fondling are usually concentrated on the wrong areas. There are many more erogenous zones than just jumping to third base. It can be much more erotic to pay attention to the ears, the wrist, the backside of the knees- basically the areas which get the least sun exposure. They're highly sensitive. Making sure your touch is erratic, instead of stroking your fingers in a line going in a zig-zag for example, will drive them wild.

Of course there are many other types of touches involved in relationships. Starting with the basics is always a good way of finding your partners preferences and your own. Taking it slowly and working your way up to passionate moments are sure-fire ways of taking your new romance into a steady relationship.