Don’t be the Dumper, Be the Dumped

Simple Ways of Getting your Boyfriend to Dump You


Well, you’ve had it with your existing boyfriend and do not wish to be the person who does the breaking for whatever reason (you’ve done it too many times in the past and are wary about your reputation, you do not want to hurt his feelings(?), etc.), you can change your ways and get him to dump you instead.

There are scores of things you can do to get him to break up with you, and he can then be the heartless one. Follow these simple guidelines, and the results shall come to you, surely, and maybe not all that slowly.

  • No more I love You’s: If you have been in the habit of saying these three little words, stop saying them as often, and eventually stop. Every time he says it, you can reply with an ‘I know’ or ‘hmm’. Sooner or later he is bound to notice the difference, unless you’re dating dumb or dumber.
  • Lose the affection: This does not mean that you become cold; after all, you do care (?) but try not to make any first moves.
  • Get Busy: Try and occupy yourself with work and family as much as you can so that when it gets time to cozy up at the end of the day, you have a valid reason for being ‘tired’.
  • Flirt: If you aren’t the flirting types, it’s never too late to start. If he asks you why you’re doing it, you can pass it off as innocent fun, and flirting with his friends is a great way to cheese him off. Only, don’t let your flirting get too serious (innocent fun remember).
  • I’m on the Phone Honey: Every time you meet, either be on the phone, or pretend to be on the phone. When he asks you who it was, or what it was about, tell him it’s not important. Make sure you’re not rude, just make it sound trivial.
  • Compliments: When he gives you a compliment, don’t be very thankful, again, a ‘hmm,’ should do. Also, try not giving him any (compliments).
  • Try not ‘Giving him Any’: Here, we’re not referring to compliments. Headaches are a girl’s best friend when you do not wish to have sex, and you could say you’ve lately developed a migraine. Over a period of time, they’ll trouble him more than you.
  • Become a Bad Listener: If you’ve been a great listener so far, change. Try and interrupt important conversations with something you suddenly remembered (again, something trivial would be nice). If he’s telling you how bad his day was, reply with a ‘hmm’.
  • Cut Down on the Conversation: Men know women love to talk. While it might be hard, try not to say too much. Stay aloof while together, as if you’re lost in thought. If he asks you what you’re thinking, say ‘nothing’.
  • What’s the Matter Babe: Soon enough, he’s bound to ask you what’s bothering you. At this point, you should ideally say you know something’s amiss, but don’t know what.

If he doesn’t dump you soon enough, persist with the aforementioned tips. He might take a little time, but rest assured, he will dump you.