PDA:  How Much Public Display Of Affection Is OK?

Public Display Of Affection In a New Relationship


Young couple walking through grassShowing affection in public can be tricky, especially if you're dealing with a new relationship. There are a lot of invisible borders that people have, and if you cross that line then you could wind up back in the singles scene before you can blink. Here are some general PDA rules.

You've just started a relationship, or you're still in the rosy phase of a new romance. One of the perks of being in a relationship is showing affection. However, each person has their own rules of taboo for PDA (public displays of affection) that should be respected. While the relationship is unique, there are some general rules of thumb for romance in public:

Would Granny Approve? If you couldn't touch your partner the same way you could in front of your gran, chances are you're crossing the PDA line. Certainly, there are always circumstances- being in a club, kissing, for example. Usually you should use the granny marker for brand-new relationships until you know your partner better.

Read Body Language. If she's shying away from your touch, or turns red after a longish kiss, take a mental step back. It could be moving too quickly for her. Or her upbringing on what is or isn't taboo for PDA. It could also be a simple preference of not liking the attention in public. Give it time to get to know each others' romantic styles instead of jumping in too quickly.

Appearances Do Matter. In some countries nearly anything goes in public, and in others there's no touch that isn't taboo. Be aware of how you (and your partner) appear to the outside world. If she gets really uncomfortable with public reactions, she may finish with you without telling you why. Part of showing her how much you like her is preserving her reputation and respecting her.

Don't Compromise. It's easy to give in to another person's demands when you really like them. Sometimes you can lose yourself, though. Being in a relationship means you should have an equal say in how you appear, together, and what you're cozy with.

PDA or publicly displaying your affection is a fantastic part of being in a relationship. It adds to the connection and the intimacy of how you both feel. Making sure you don't overdo it will also make sure you don't lose the relationship over a PDA accident you hadn't even considered.