How To Get Her To Develop a Real Liking For You

How To Get Her To Have Feelings For You


She's the girl of your dreams, and she has no idea that you exist. Or she knows that you exist, but not romantically. How can you get her to not only notice you, but to develop a liking for you that can lead to a relationship? Try these few simple tips.

There are times in every guys' life where the woman he fancies either doesn't notice him or doesn't 'feel the same.' As frustrating as it can be, if you really like her you want to find a way. You want her to develop not just a liking for you, but real feelings that mean something. You might hate to ask, but if you really want her to like you try these tips. They can help you establish yourself as a romantic possibility, not just a romantic wannabe.

It's all in the details: Of course you like her, probably for many reasons. But how well do you know her? You don't have to get creepy, pseudo-stalker to find out her likes and dislikes. You do have to pay attention and listen. Find out her favorites, her pet peeves, her hopes. You can do a lot of thoughtful gestures without plying her with gifts that might make her uncozy. If she likes daisies, hand-pick some and deliver them anonymously.

Check out her dating style: Look at what her type is, the typical guys she goes for. Do you- or can you- fit into that style? Are you willing to, to get the girl? Most women have certain men they're always attracted to- the intellectual, the comedian, the bad boy. By making even just a few minor adjustments to your appearance, you can modify your atmosphere to suit her and create feelings. Don't go over the top, though- a motorcycle jacket doesn't make you look smolderingly sexy if you ride a bicycle to work.

Bond with her chick posse or friends: The quickest way to make a superb impression on her is through her friends. Family, unless you already know them, is off-limits. If you can get her friends to approve you're well on your way to having them influence her opinion of you favorably. It doesn't matter if they're guys, as long as the friends you connect with have her ear. Don't come onto them too strong or they'll warn her off.

Build on your datability: Most girls don't want to date losers, and won't find them interesting. Confidence is a key aspect to making yourself attractive, and if you haven't got it- get started. When you're completely confident, women find it not just sexy but irresistible. There's no official guideline to gaining confidence. This is something you have to discover and foster yourself. It will, however, definitely help her develop a liking for you.

While these tips may not guarantee absolute success, they will certainly help you with getting the girl. Just keep in mind, though: sometimes the girl from a distance that you fancy is the opposite of the girl you get to know. You might get the girl, but in the end you may not want her.