Some Divorces Need Convincing

How to Convince Her/Him for Divorce


If you are thinking about divorcing your partner, there is always a possibility that your spouse is also thinking about it (if you’re lucky), in which case, you would not need to convince him/her. However, if yours is a case where you need to convince your spouse for getting a divorce, it wouldn’t necessarily be as easy as ABC (simply because your spouse might think there’s a chance that your marriage can be saved). Follow this guide, and things might just simplify considerably.

Consider their Feelings:

Since you’ve been married to your spouse for however long, there would have been good moments in your marriage. While asking for a divorce does call for being frank, make sure that you take into account the feelings of your spouse. While this might seem a little absurd, after all, you wish to get divorced, if your partner sees you being kind, he/she could well be kind in return, and let you have you have what you want (in this case, the divorce). However, saying stuff like ‘Honey, I love you, but I want a divorce’ won’t really work.

Give them the Truth:

If you’ve been hiding things from your spouse, get them out in the open. Knowing things about you that your husband/wife didn’t know about previously would make them see you in new light (mostly negative) and this would up for chances for getting a divorce. For instance, not many husbands/wives would be ok with their partners cheating on them, or knowing that they simply don’t care.

Tell them it’s Over:

Certain relationships are past the point of repair, and if you think you live in one such relationship, it is best that you make your point, not very bluntly though. If you think your husband stops you from living your life the way you want to, and if you think you’d be better off being alone, tell him so. If you think your wife cannot stop being a nag and think its time to call it quits, tell her.

Expect Bouts of Guilt:

Getting a divorce can be tricky, and while you are trying to convince your partner into getting a divorce, there is a good chance that you would face being convinced into not getting a divorce. This could be from your spouse, relatives, friends, and even people who don’t really care about what happens. All of this could lead you into feeling guilty about being the ‘bad’ one, but you should always remain focused on what ‘you’ want from ‘your’ life.

Use the words ‘WE’ and ‘US’:

There is an old saying that you cannot clap with one hand. Similarly, problems in any relationship arise because of problems between the husband and the wife. Instead of saying ‘you want this’ and ‘I want that’, try using statements such as ‘we would be better off without each other’ and ‘this is the best for us’. In trying to convince your spouse for a divorce, try being as diplomatic as possible.

Use Public Places:

In trying to convince your spouse for a divorce, using public places is often suggested. This can avoid a fair amount of yelling, but do not take this for granted.