Ways to Innocently Teach your Husband a Lesson

How Do You Teach Your Husband a Lesson?


Every wife in the world, at some point or other during her married life, would want to teach her better half a lesson. The reason could be as trivial as leaving the toilet seat up constantly, or as humiliating as cheating. Either way, the thought of a lesson being taught doesn’t go away easy.

If the reason that you wish to teach your husband a lesson is trivial, then teaching him an innocent lesson does come easy. For instance, if he continues to keep the toilet seat up despite your repeated requests for him to change his ways, you could choose to pee outside the bowl. While this does seem fairly disgusting (read gross), it will almost certainly change his ways rather quickly. Also, if he can forget to put the toilet seat down, you can forget to cook him dinner.

Request Vs Command

You must remember, at all stages during your marriage that repeated ‘directions’ would almost certainly get you nowhere. You are, after all, his wife, and not his mother. The way us humans are created, we work much better with requests as opposed to commands.

Embarrass Him

If you are tired of your husband discussing your sexual encounters with his friends (in your presence or absence), you could start by telling him that you don’t like it. If that fails, you could discuss exactly the same things with his mother and you can be sure that he wouldn’t like it very much. Alternatively, you could tell his friends that he isn’t endowed well enough which leaves you a tad disappointed and ask for their advice to spruce things up despite his ‘size’.

Return in Kind

If you have a husband that refuses to talk things through, you could just play ‘tit for tat’. Not many husbands can stand their wives being silent for extended periods of time (even though they say that is what they want). If your husband is the kind who refuses to discuss things that matter to you, you could do the same with things that he finds important. The ‘silent treatment’ works wonders and gets many a husbands to open their jabs.

Things that are Past Innocent Lessons

If your problem is a bigger than the occasional jibber, an innocent way of your teaching your husband a lesson might not be the best. For example, if your husband had a constant habit of calling you an idiot, it could well be that he is the idiot. You could tell him a couple of times that you do not like being treated the way he does; but after a point, you could very well think about seeing a psychologist together, and if that doesn’t work, and you continue to feel degraded, calling it quits could well be an option. After all, not all old dogs can be taught new tricks.

Irrespective of the kind of lesson you wish to teach your husband, make sure that you that you consider his feelings too (unless you think he isn’t worth it). Remember, at the end of the day, you do have to share the same bed, or if he’s being sent to the couch, you still have to share the same roof.