Flirty, Sexy and Yum: How To Be Seductive

Get Sexy and Seductive From Head to Toe


Couple posing on the beachEvery woman needs to feel sexy. Every woman wants to be seductive to her partner, to be irresistible. It doesn't matter what your body type is, or your modesty level is- you can find your own style of sexy seduction that suits you.

For many of us, the thought of seduction or parading in sexy lingerie is just as panic-provoking as swimsuit shopping. To some of us, even the idea seems forced or unnatural. But finding your own niche and spicing up your life with a seductive look can not only boost your confidence- it can give your relationship a healthy boost, too. Try these simple tips to explore your simply seductive side:

  • Seductive Lingerie: Start with the parts of your figure that you know are your best assets, or that you feel most comfortable with showing off. For fuller figures, creating a more pronounced hourglass shape by using corsets and push-up bras will wow. For smaller figures, padded bras and tummy-revealing lingerie is key. Keep in mind fabric choice can play a part- satin adds pounds and softness, tulle can disguise belly, hips and thighs and role-playing outfits (the sexy French maid) are all considerations. Also the higher the heels, the longer and more shapely your legs look.

  • Choose Colors Carefully: The colors of the seductive lingerie send different signals. Pink, baby blue or white echo innocence, while red, black and purple are 'naughtier.' Don't lose sight of the full package, however. The colors you choose should compliment your coloring and each piece should match, not clash. Approach being sexy and seductive the same way you would any important event. With attention to every detail, as a whole.

  • Give Yourself Time: Take a bath with sexy oils, like musks or vanilla, and relax. The more relaxed you are, the more open and seductive you'll feel. Paint your nails or toenails if it adds to the seductive atmosphere, take time with your hair and make-up. Putting your hair up just begs for it to be let loose, playing up your best facial features softly makes you feel sexy and beautiful. Typically, creating seductive eyes means smokier eye-shadows. Be careful of overdoing it, though- you don't want to look clownish, but seductive.

  • Set the Scene: After making yourself sexy inside and out, make sure that the atmosphere you create is also sexy. Scented candles, chocolates, wine and music to match will help you feel so seductive.

Every woman can be sexy and seductive successfully. Finding the right seductive lingerie that you can feel comfortable in, planning ahead and embracing how sexy you really are ensure that your partner won't forget it anytime soon.