The Top Secrets Of Attracting Women With Humor

Use Your Sense of Humor To Attract Women


You always hear stories of how much women love a sense of humor. It's on every top-ten list of what women want and what they find attractive. How can you use it to your advantage, and use humor to attract women?

A good sense of humor is not only attractive, it can be irresistible to women. It makes your first impression a lasting one. There are many levels of using humor to attract women- to introduce yourself, to be charming, to show off your intelligence and wit. But what are some specific guidelines to attracting women with humor, and how can you use it to your dating advantage?

Do Pick-Up Lines Really Work? For introductions, a witty pick-up line can be a great opening and ice-breaker. It can also be a deal-breaker if it's cheesy or in poor taste. Use your discretion and your head if you decide to try out a new pick-up line. There are many sites which specialize in listing pick-up lines that are funny- and can open the door to attracting women with humor.

You've Said Hello, Now What? You're talking with her. Quench the urge to show off, or let your nerves get the better of you. It means not blurting out a tacky joke in hopes of getting her attention and instead turning her off. Or, even worse, insulting her. Patience is a virtue, and waiting for the right moment to make the right comment is worth it. Humor is, after all, based on timing.

Do Your Research: Even the best of comedians borrow material from the masters, there's no reason why you can't, too. Having a large repertoire of jokes, comments, ad-libs and anecdotes will give you conversational confidence. It will also attract women with your humor by being entertaining- no one finds the same joke funny the third time around.

Watch What Works: There are always the guys that seem to seamlessly blend their sense of humor to charm and attract women. Watch how they do it, what they say, their delivery and body language and mimic it. Make it your own, tweak it and then use it. Find out what seems to work for your sense of humor and style.

When In Doubt, Don't: Anytime you aren't sure of your audience, i.e. how the woman you're speaking with will react to a joke or a quip- just don't. Staying quiet is ten times better than coming up with something that falls flat. It's also opening yourself to embarrassment and losing her attention faster than it took you to speak.

You don't have to be a professional comic to woo and attract women with humor. You do have to take a few chances, though. Showing women your sense of humor will help you become a suave conversationalist and a thorough success with women.