Go From Relationship Blahs To Relationship Ahs: Make It More Exciting

Add Thrills And Excitement To Your Relationship


It's a common relationship malady. After the initial wows and excitement, you fall into the comfort pattern of daily routine. What used to be fresh and new is now boring. Old hat. How can you make your relationship more exciting, more thrilling, renew it? Here are a few ideas.

I'm sure you can remember the start of your relationship or marriage. Full of excitement, full of discoveries and fun- exploration as a couple. Looking back with nostalgia isn't going to change the rut your relationship has fallen into. If you're feeling a little bored, or a little regulated in your relationship it's time to make it more exciting and thrilling. Here's how:

  • Out With the Old: Re-vamping can be as simple as a weekend away. Getting out of the house and taking time to remember each other. You can make it as decadent or as romantic as you like. A weekend in the mountains, a trip to a beach house or staying at an inn in the next town over could be exactly what your relationship needs to spice things up. Changing your atmosphere can remind you and your partner of who you fell for initially.

  • Doll Yourself Up: If it's been a long time since you've treated yourself to a make-over, or eons since you've been to a lingerie shop, organize your time to fit it in. When you feel desirable, it ignites your partner's and recreates the thrill and excitement of your relationship. Change, even small changes like a new haircut or a sexy bra can re-light your passion.

  • Add Spicy Details: There are a lot of things you can do on a daily basis to create a thrilling, sexed-up anticipation. Sending texts throughout the day like a striptease, or buying a sensual board game that you can plan an evening around can increase excitement in your relationship. Going to an erotic shop with your partner for massage oils or even renting an erotic film that you don't find extreme can heat things up for incredible moments together.

  • Challenge Yourself: Sometimes when you get stuck in a relationship loop it's time to change and explore your own comfort zones. This could be getting a couples book on how to find new bedroom delights together, or experimenting with role-play fantasies. It can not only make your relationship more thrilling, but it can open up a sensuous part of you that you didn't realize existed.

It can be frustrating for both sides in a relationship when you get into a dull cycle. But instead of letting things stay the same and possibly harming your relationship, there are many simple ways of making it more exciting. You can pleasantly surprise your partner, and possibly yourself, by being a little more creative.

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